Suton offer a unique service, custom building products to suit customer’s individual needs and requirements.

Suton Special Service is available on a wide range of products from small buckets, through grain pushers to the largest of loading shovel equipment.

Where maximising your prime movers potential is critical, Suton can help. We can design and manufacture attachments enabling you to lift the maximum weight of product by using superior steels Domex, Hardox, Weldox to keep unladen weight to minimum. Using our CAD system we can create a product that will you to get the maximum efficiency out of your prime mover while still being safe!


Keysley Store Ltd

Mr Colin Godwin of Keysley Store Ltd took advantage of the Suton Special Service to design and create a 9.5m Grain Pusher and 5.24mᶾ Grain Bucket for his new JCB 550-80 Loadall.

Suton designed and built a 5.24mᶾ Grain Bucket that can carry up to 4200kg of wheat while ensuring the bucket was built strong enough but light enough with the correct geometry ensuring the JCB was kept within safety parameters.


Suton also designed and built a 9.5m Grain Pusher with a 3m Blade to enable Mr Godwin to push product up into stores. Again the pusher had to be built strong enough but light enough ensuring Mr Godwin could operate safely around his site.



Mr Colin Godwin had this to say “When investing in a new 5T Telehandler it was important for our operation that we use it to its full potential. I contacted Suton with some initial ideas and thoughts about what we were trying to achieve, Suton took it all on board and started work on the CAD system and provided me with a drawing showing some idea of what the bucket would look like. Being such a large capacity bucket keeping the unladen weight to a minimum was critical, Suton explained the benefits of using Domex steel, keeping the strength while allowing us to save weight. From there a quote was done and I had placed my order. Suton provided me with drawings of the finished product before manufacture then kept me informed of progress throughout the build. I am extremely pleased with the end result and our operation has benefited by having the correct bucket built. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Suton to anyone looking for the optimum bucket to suit their Prime Mover”

Suton and Keysley Store Ltd are working on new projects for the 2013 Harvest



Suton specialise in building High Tip Buckets to suit anything from small loaders to the largest loading shovels.

Each Suton High Tip is designed and built to each individual customers needs focusing on the material being moved ensuring maximum efficiency from your Prime Mover!

Every Suton High Tip Bucket is built using superior high tensile steels. All pivot points are greasable with main pivots benefiting from hardened steel pins and spring bushes ensuring maximum longevity minimising maintenance.

Suton install heavy duty end cushioning rams with self-aligning eye bearings in every bucket, matching this with heavy duty rubber buffers on ram closure.

Suton High Tip buckets can be built as Open (clean) floor bucket type with end tip design. Ensuring no product can be caught in the bucket and clean emptying every time. See Below.


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